Hope you are sitting tight and ready for our surprise! 😊

conDiva team is launching a new collection of evening gowns and everyday dresses, inspired by the sensual and feminine style of tango.

No, we are not saying that you have to wear them and move only in the tango style. We are saying that this collection is made to highlight the perfection of the lady’s figure and show her tenderness. conDiva's goal is to make you feel like a princess, to add lightness and intrigue to your appearance.

Outstanding tailor-made gowns are a perfect choice for any special event or occasion. Besides, our everyday wear collection presents dresses and other clothing items that can be worn all day long.

Be the first one, to see conDiva's new collection! We are waiting just for you. 😊

Evening dresses

Check the new collection of Evening Dresses here.

Collection of everyday wear by conDiva is coming soon!

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