Do you remember that feeling when you put your tango clothes on for the first time? Do you remember, that power and inspirational waves hitting your body, or that tempting heartbeat? How uncontrollably, your right leg did that side step and returned back on its toe? All of us would agree that this feeling of joy and happiness, power and motivation, we would love to experience it every minute of our life. 
Therefore, we have a question: “Who said that tango clothes should only be worn for tango?” 
You could not find an answer to that question, right? So, couldn’t we. 
That is why we officially declare freedom to tango clothes! Bring the dance to your daily lives! Enjoy the vibes and fullness! Highlight your routine with a touch of tango which we in “conDiva” made modern and fashionable, and yet sensual and sophisticated. Wear those perfect fitting tops with your favorite jeans and that incredibly feminine skirt to a romantic city walk or even to an office, there are no limits in combinations, we promise! 
Tango is about expression and emotions, so let’s start expressing ourselves, let’s brighten up this world with our emotions of joy and happiness!
And here is a vivid proof of your words 😊




Featured garments:

Gray Leopard Tango Top with Draped Neck 

Delicate Black Lace Blouse

Top With Draped Neck 

Metallic Pencil Skirt

Top With Tulle Sleeves

Animal Print Skirt

Black Top With White Lace

Black Pencil Skirt

Blouse With Lace Sleeves


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