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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As you know at last Friday of November some very mysterious things are happening… For some magic reason, all prices are going down… Uncontrollably… and once you think that you happily went through this challenge, Cyber Monday comes up… We know that you totally did not expect it from us - to follow this price hypnosis, but we could not control ourselves. And we are definitely not sorry for this😊

So here it is – Black Friday and Cyber Monday 30% off for any women and men collection! All you need to do is to use our special trigger code BLACK2019 at check out and become a happy owner of some new clothes from our online store!

Hurry up! This mystic offer is valid only till 9.00 AM (GMT) of the 3rd of December! The coupon code BLACK2019 can not be combined with other coupon codes.

Let’s tango this shop out! 😊



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