Our conSignore collection has been online for quite some time and we keep adding new designs every once in a while. Since we're receiving many inquiries, we decided to tell you more about our styles, materials and fitting.

Purple Men's Tango Pants

conSignore Purple Tango Pants (1 front and 1 back pleat)

Let's have a closer look to our handmade Men's Tango Pants. All our tango trousers have a wide-leg fit that allows ease of movement and knee bending. We offer 4 different styles: 

1. Pants with 2 front pleats - this style has a straight cut and is the most narrowest of all styles. 

2. Pants with 3 front pleats - this style is a bit wider than the style with 2 pleats. These trousers are wider in the waist and thigh area and taper to a cuff.

3. Pants with 4 front pleats - this style is the widest from all styles. These pants are also wider in the waist and thigh area and taper to a cuff

4.Pants with 1 front and 1 back inverted pleat - this style has a similar cut like pants with 3 or 4 pleats. We don't recommend this style, if you're very thin. These pants looks good if you are more curvy at the back :)

Grey Dance Pants for men

conSignore Gray Striped Tango Pants (3 front pleats)

In our men's collection you can find pants made from different fabrics, that are selected to provide you a comortable feeling. 

Blue Men's Tango Pants 

conSignore Blue Tango Pants (70% viscose / 30% polyester)

Men's White Tango Pants 

conSignore White Linen Tango Pants (50% linen / 50% viscose)

How to select a perfect size of your very own conSignore tango pants? Please measure the perimeter of your waist with a soft tape at the point where your formal pants sit. Then devide your measurement in centimeters by 2 and the result gives your size. If your waist measurement is 88 cm, then your size for conSignore pants is 44. 

If you go to a milonga, a tango ball or even a public practica you may like to enhance your look by a stylish vest. Our waistcoats pair well not only with tango pants, but also with jeans. Mix and match your favorite combinations and create unique outfits for dancing.

Men's Tango Waistcoats

 conSignore Checked Linen Tango Vest

And now, click here to discover men's tango world. Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email to hello@condiva.com for further help!

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