All Together Tango is a live tango music event organized by tango dancers Roberta & Donato from Pura Clase Tango (Italy). This Sunday 5th April you can tune in to a live facebook streaming and enjoy hours of tango music selections from 7 italian TJ's. 

All together Tango

All you have to do is to join the event here:

The purpose is to raise funds for the Italian Red Cross. Through this fundraiser launched in collaboration with Facebook Italia, Red Cross is trying to increase as much as possible for the health and logistic services necessary to respond to the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.

If you want to support this event, please visit the Fundraiser Facebook page here:

Donations starts from 5 EUR and remember that even a small donation can make a huge difference!

Are you going to join us this Sunday?

Tango partners

Roberta & Donato from Italy wearing conDiva

Floral Fishtail Tango Dress, conSignore Men's Tango Pants

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