What happens after those words? Happily, ever after? Yes. But before that couple should organize a wedding, prepare the first wedding dance and find a perfect wedding dress for a bride. Or two: one for an official part, one for the first dance; or three… she is the bride – she knows better how many dresses she needs 😊

So, let’s talk about the first wedding dance. It is the most honored and cherished wedding tradition through time. The way of dancing, expression, and the dancing steps reveal the harmony between the bride and groom. It is an expression of their unending love. And which dance is the leader of love emotions, expressions, and declarations? Exactly – it is tango. It shows the statement of their love. The dancing steps require profound responsiveness and clear communication between partners, and proper first dance wedding dress!

We are very proud and excited that so many brides around the world order our wedding dance dresses. We feel like we are a part of that love dance throughout their life and it is the biggest praise for us.

Since the wedding season is getting closer, we have decided to show you our amazing Tango Dance Wedding Dresses, so you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

Before we start, the conDiva team would like to congratulate and say our deepest thanks to beautiful Laverne for sharing with us her amazing moments of first dance in our Wedding Tango Dress!

White Velvet Tango Dress

Featuring Velvet Wedding Tango Dance Dress


Open Back Wedding Dress

Featuring Open Back Wedding Tango Dress


Wedding Tango Twinset

Featuring Wedding Tango Twinset


One shoulder wedding tango dress

Featuring One-Shoulder Wedding Tango Dress


Lace and Satin Tango Dress

Featuring Palace Wedding Tango Dance Dress


Wedding tango Dance dress

Featuring Fringe Wedding Tango Dress

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