Marilyn Monroe wasn’t necessarily a great actress and certainly wasn’t the only beautiful woman at her time. Her scandalous behavior in today’s standards is something that hardly worth mentioning. Still, there is something about her we all just cannot get over. She became a style and an icon in fashion. That is why we decided to share 3 main lessons we learned from style icon – Marilyn Monroe.

  1. Bare your Arms

Bare your arms, no matter what your size is. Arms and shoulders are very elegant and feminine parts of our bodies. The truth is, the halter-neck top or dress looks good on most body type because it draws attention to the face and greatly slims the waist area. We are so agreed with her, that one day it inspired us to create our own Marilyn Fishtail Tango Dresses. In these dress designs, we combined the alluring halter-neck top with an amazing fishtail skirt. Very feminine and eye-catching clothing models.

 Marilyn Tango Dresses

Featuring (from left to right): Blue Abstract Marilyn Fishtail Tango Dress, Marilyn Velvet Fishtail Tango Dress, and Multicolor Marilyn Fishtail Tango Dress

  1. Embrace your Curves

We all shall agree that Marilyn Monroe had a nice curvy figure. If we take a closer look at her photos, we will not see any oversized tops or baggy pants, not even a one. That’s the point. No matter what size we are, regardless of the ratio of our hip-to-waist measurements, we can learn things from the way Marilyn embraced her shape. We should all be kind to ourselves, wearing clothes that fit and flatter, rather than hiding our bodies under layers of shapeless designs. conDiva fully agrees with this statement, that is why we have a huge variety of Bodycon Dresses, which can highlight your amazing figure and curves.

 Bodycon Dresses

Featuring (from left to right): Floral Fishtail Tango Dress, Elegant Twist Knot Dress, and Two-Color Dress

  1. Shine

Perhaps Marilyn said it best in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” – “I always love finding new places to wear diamonds!”. She is well known for her love for sparkles, either accessories or shiny dresses. She loved to be a center of attention and shine like a diamond herself. That is why most of her Red-Carpet dresses were in metallic or Lamé motives. No wonder, our conDiva online store is full of Sparkling Outfits which combine all 3 lessons we learned in one!

Sparkling Dresses

Featuring (from left to right): One-sleeved Lamé Dress, Metallic Fishtail Tango Dress, and Backless Asymmetric Lamé Dress

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