The love is in the air or St. Valentine’s Day is here! We decided to participate in this loving atmosphere and make you an interesting offer!

From the 14th of February till the 16th of February with the purchase of 2 products from Pants or Skirt Collections you are getting Top with Draped Neck in your favorite color for free!! Why we offer you this amazing top for free? Well, because this is the most popular top of conDiva, which can be paired with any skirt, pants and even your favorite jeans! 

So, here are some steps on how to get this offer work in your favor:

  1. Add a free top to your cart: follow the link Draped Neck Top and select your size and preferable color, hit the button "add to cart" and continue shopping
  2. Select any skirt and pair of pants, or 2 skirts or 2 pairs of pants, and put it in the cart as well
  3. Go to checkout and here comes the magic – the top will automatically appear as a free product! 
  4. Pay your order and wait for a delivery from us!
  5. Enjoy your new clothes from conDiva and smile 😊

This offer can't be combined with other offers or discount coupons.

Here are some matching ideas:

Draped Neckline Top with Mermaid top

Draped neckline top with Mermaid Tango Skirt


Draped top with satin wrap pants

White draped neckline top with Satin Wrap Tango Pants


Dotted wrap tango skirt

Top with draped neckline with Dotted Wrap Tango Skirt


Draped neckline top with metallic pencil skirt

Black draped neckline top with Metallic Pencil Skirt 

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