We think it is time to get to know our color palette better. conDiva is very popular by its variety of colors almost in any design. It is well known, that we can even do custom-tailored clothes, which means you can always ask if a specific design could be made in colors you want. Nevertheless, back to colors.

We have around 8 main colors which have additional colors that are qualified as shades or hues of these colors but still stand as a great choice by itself.

So, the top ones are obviously Black and White– like the most mystic colors. On conDiva website, we have a huge selection of black shades and even materials, from simple shades to metallic hues.

Black and White tango clothes

From left to right: Black Crop Top with Ruffles, Black Shiny Kalinda Dress, Off-White Tango Top with Lace Back

Then, of course, the other leader of any dance occasions are hues of Red and Pink, which include such dark shades as Burgundy, Eggplant, Dark Fuchsia, and light shades like Fuchsia, Nude Pink and Salmon Pink.

Red colors from conDiva

From left to right: Eggplant Illusion Neckline Tango Dress, Coral Mini Asymmetric Tango SkirtBurgundy Tango Dress with Lace Decolletage 


Pink shades of conDiva

From Left to Right: Salmon Pink Wrap Tango Skirt, Baby Pink and Olive Green Dress, Fuchsia Tango Dress with Crisscross Back

Of course, Blue and Purple colors are very popular too. Our best sellers are Petrol Blue, Electric Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Lavender and Veraman (which can be under the category of Green colors too, so we got a bit lost where to put it 😊 )

blue shades by conDiva

From Left to Right: Purple Wrap Tango Skirt, Electric Blue Gathered Tango Pants, Petrol Blue Fishtail Tango Dress with Front Knot

Obviously, no one can ignore our huge variety of Green shades, such as Forest Green, Olive Green, Bright Green and etc.

conDiva shades of Green

From Left to Right: Forest Green Front Knot Dress, Olive Green Fishtail Tango Skirt, Bright Green Side Draping Skirt

And then we cannot forget about Gray shades, which have basic hues such as Elephant Gray, Light Gray, and simple Gray. Nevertheless, with different fabric variety of gray shades increases as we have lots of options in shiny and metallic hues of gray.

gray hues of conDiva

From Left to Right: Silver Metallic Fishtail Tango Skirt, Gray Backless Asymmetric Dress, Elephant Gray Tango Top with Ruffles

We know that the amount of colors is overwhelming and sometimes it is very hard to understand which one will suit you best. That is why conDiva will happily help you with this. Upon your request, we can send our color samples with your order, so you will be fully prepared for your next one 😊

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