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Sparkle all year round!

Christmas and New Year are around a corner! Inspirational and magic period of celebrations which all of us love! We decorate houses, buy presents, cook delicious dishes, and we dress up in our best outfits! As we say – the way you meet the new year is the way you spend it. Some people go even further and try to find lucky colors for the upcoming year, to attract fortune even more.

The Internet is blooming with advice and suggestions to meet 2020 in metallic or sparkling clothes so luck will be on our side. From one side it is a trend now, from another hand it simply looks amazing. So why not to follow some little tricks and summon good vibes via any source of energy?

This is exactly why we want to present our latest tango style collection of sparkling dresses. First of all, we agreed with you that the tango style is very feminine and attractive and can be worn in many occasions. Secondly, just check them out – we have lots of glittered, shiny, metallic and payette dresses’ options – and it is way too hard to resist them 😊

Let us treat ourselves with sparkling dress and shine even brighter during this magical festive season!

conDiva Sparkling Collection can be found - here 


Shiny Silver Dress

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