Have you ever faced a dilemma selecting a present and being worried that the person it is for - will like it? We all want our gift to be outstanding and unforgettable!

During festive season this issue rises higher than ever before. What to select, how to make sure that this is exactly what bellowed ones want?

Well, conDiva is here to help you out and to eliminate this searching challenge. Our magic gift card will save your day. By purchasing the gift card, you give your dear one a freedom of choice, and the best part of it – they know it is already paid for 😊

conDiva’s gift card gives you an option to select from provided amounts (30-200 Euro) and will be delivered to your email with detailed instructions on how to redeem them at checkout.

We declare that “buy a Christmas present marathon” is open! Ready! Steady! Go!

Buy a gift card here

conDiva Gift Card

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