The world of tango fashion is a captivating realm as diverse as the dance itself. At conDiva, we understand that the essence of Tango clothing lies in the design for movement. Each fashion piece is meticulously crafted with a focus on ensuring our Tangueras and Tangueros are not only comfortable on the dance floor but also stylish, catering to various tastes and body types.

For women, Tango clothing could can be devised in three categories.

Casual wear for everyday comfort during errands, practices, workouts, or leisure.

Milonga garments, with many styles for any Milonga, offering diverse styles to suit the varied themes of these Tango events.

Performance, show and evening featuring glamorous looks, from full-length dresses to those adorned with interesting embellishments, mesh, or shiny elements.

Irrespective of category, our pieces prioritize freedom of movement through curated designs, including slits, ruch details, and other intricate features.

For men, the focus is on tailored trousers and vests that seamlessly complement the dance's fluidity, embracing traditional Tango attire while keeping Tangueros stylish.

The recurring question emerges: What to wear for Tango? The answer pivots on the occasion—be it a lesson, Milonga, themed event, or performance. Our advice: Choose what resonates with your style, after all, clothes are an extension of your identity.

To ensure you're ready for every Tango moment, consider curating a comprehensive Tango wardrobe. To assist you, we've curated a list of essential items from conDiva that cater to a variety of needs, ranging from casual practices to glamorous performances. And for those seeking a unique touch, don't overlook our fully customizable clothing options.

Versatile Two-Piece Set: Elevate your practice style effortlessly with a two-piece set that combines comfort and fashion. Choose from a selection of skirts, comfortable Tango pants, and pair them with your favorite top from our collection. Opt for monochrome pieces for timeless elegance or mix and match with vibrant colors and prints.

What to wear for tango


Shop The Square Neckline Top With Bust Gatherings.

Shop The Babucha Tango Pants.

Multi-Occasion Dress: Invest in a dress that adapts to various occasions based on your styling preferences. Opt for a monochrome dress, and explore our range of jersey dresses in different colors to find your perfect match.

What to Wear For Tango


 Shop The Plunge Neck Tango Dress With Twist Knot Detail.

Work-to-Milonga Ensemble: For busy days, ensure you have Tango attire that seamlessly transitions from work to the milonga. This versatile outfit is essential for the modern Tanguera, striking a balance between daily responsibilities and passion for Tango.

What to Wear For Tango


Shop The Grey Midi Striped Pencil Skirt With Slit.

Shop The Square Neckline Top With Thick Straps.

Staple Black Dress: Every Tanguera should own a black dress that seamlessly transitions from milongas to other events. Timelessly classy and versatile, the black dress is easy to style and always in fashion, making it a must-have in your wardrobe.

What to Wear For Tango


Shop The Elegant Tango Dress With Draped Back.

Shop The One-Sleeved Asymmetric Midi Dress With Fringe.

Glamorous Performance Dress: Embrace your destiny as a Tanguera with a captivating performance dress. No Tango wardrobe is complete without this enchanting piece, perfect for showcasing intricate moves with glamour, adding a touch of magic to every twirl and spin.

tango wear

Get The Sequin Midi Dress With Velvet Side Details & Slit.

Get the Velvet Mermaid Dress With Tulle Sleeves.

Whether running errands, attending Tango practice, or enjoying a laid-back Milonga, be both stylish and comfortable.

In essence, strike a balance between style and practicality while navigating Tango's intricate steps. Join us in celebrating the beauty of movement and style with conDiva's Tango attire, where each piece narrates a story on the dance floor.

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