As we gear up to welcome the New Year with exciting events coming up, conDiva is here to make sure you shine from head to toe.

We have gathered and curated three modern makeup suggestions to keep you on trend and help you make a glamorous entrance into the New Year.

1. Colored Liner: Infuse a touch of playfulness into your makeup routine by embracing the colored liner trend. Choose a shade that complements your outfit, adding a subtle yet vibrant elegance to your look. For a bold and dramatic effect, experiment with a daring pop of color under your eyes. This trend is all about celebrating individuality and embracing the joy of color. Tailor your liner hue to not only complement your outfit but also enhance the natural beauty of your eye color. Burgundy for blue, green, or hazel eyes, blue for brown, gray, or light green eyes, and green or lime for brown or hazel eyes.

tango makeup inspiration conDiva

2. All About Metallic:  Step into the New Year with the timeless allure of metallics. Whether it's a shimmering eyeshadow or a metallic eyeliner, the key is to keep it simple. Opt for a radiant and fresh base, complemented by plump matte lips. Metallics effortlessly infuse a touch of glam into your makeup, making it the perfect choice for a party-ready look that exudes sophistication.

3. Bedazzled Brilliance:  IIlluminate your look by incorporating gems, pearls, and glitter into your makeup with the bedazzled brilliance trend. This allows you to unleash your inner creativity and craft a dazzling and truly unique appearance. All it takes is a bit of imagination, some eyelash glue, and a trip to the craft store to discover the perfect elements that will complete your makeup masterpiece.


With these trendy suggestions, conDiva invites you to embrace your unique style and express your creativity.

Here's to a year filled with beauty, joy, and countless memorable moments!


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