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Fishtail Tango Dress

Tango dress with fishtail 

Another elegant piece with a very detailed back. A stunning dress that will undoubtedly attract attention and impress your fellow dance partners.

This dress features a heart-shaped open back that is framed with satin ruffles, but the most impressive element of this piece is its fishtail that adds extravagant volume to your movements with its rich draping.

The fishtail dress is available in many colors and fabrics! You can choose between elastic jersey and velvet for the body, while the fishtail is always made from satin as we want to keep it as light as possible for a sensual mermaid look.

- Black tango dress with fishtail - Available in many colors

black tango dress with fishtail


- Red velvet tango dress with fishtail - Available in many colors

red velvet tango dress with fishtail


- Red tango dress with fishtail - Available in more colors

red tango dress with fishtail 


- Blue tango dress with fishtail - Available in many colors

blue tango dress with fishtail 


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