New tango dresses for milonga

As a Tanguera you probably know that tango dresses are all about sensuality and flair!
The back of the dress is one of the most eye-catching elements of your outfit and that is why we pay great attention to the details of the back side when crafting our tango designs. 

For the new season, we launched very sensual designs that feature a very simple front, yet a very impressive and elegant back. The combination of ruffles and sheer tulle adds a very sensual and playful appeal to the dress. Additionally, the skirt features a small godet that gives more space for movement! 

This design is available in many different fabrics and colors!

- Gold lamé tango dress with tulle back and ruffled details

gold lame tango dress


 - Black & white tango dress with tulle back and ruffled details

tango dress for argentine tango dance

- Tango dress with tulle back and ruffled details

chic argentine tango dress

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