conDiva Tango Fashion by Victoria Haitoglou | Our Philosophy conDiva Tango Fashion by Victoria Haitoglou | Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are a friendly women team based in Athens, Greece and we absolutely love what we do! Our passion for tango and elegance is our main source of motivation and creativity. We strive to serve our global customers by offering high quality products and exquisite service worldwide.

On our online shop you will find the conDiva line for women & the conSignore clothing line for men. All of our clothes are designed by Victoria Haitoglou and are handcrafted with attention to every detail in her private atelier in Athens. Her aspiration is to create timeless pieces that stand out for their quality and craftsmanship and address the needs of the Argentine Tango dancers, who don’t want to compromise on comfort and style on the dance floor and in their every day life.

Victoria draws her inspiration from the tango rhythms & international couture and translates her ideas into designs characterized by their rich texture, voluminous draping and feminine silhouette.

conDiva’s principle is to offer unique clothes that mix the traditional tango style with modern colors and patterns while highlighting the individuality of the person who wears them. This is why conDiva team is dedicated to creating innovative pieces that are available in limited quantities. We also offer custom-made designs for which we work closely with our customers until we achieve the perfect fit and style.

We believe in elegance, sensuality and comfort!

We do what we love, and we love what we do!


Not sure what is the right size for you? Use our chart below and find what size you should get. If you need additional assistance free feel to contact us directly.

In the case of measurement deviation related to the size chart, send us your exact measurements to advise you which size to select or recommend a custom fit if needed. You can email us at 

There is a 20% customization fee on top of the item's initial price for garment customizing to your exact measurements. 
Please note that after any customization
, the item becomes non-returnable. 

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