How To Find Your Pants Size

Using a soft measuring tape measure around your waist, where your pants normally sit when wearing your belt. The measurement should be in centimeters. The size you need to get should be half the perimeter of your waist. For example, if the perimeter of your waist is 88cm, then your size is 44. You can send us your measurements in inches as well and we will find the best size fit for you.

* Do not measure other pants, and do not measure over garments.
** We can customize and hem your pants according to your measurements. The customization fee is 20% on top of the original price. Please note that customized pants can not be returned.

If you wish to have your pants hemmed and adjusted to your height, please follow the instructions below and email us your exact measurements
to Pants hemming is considered as customization and is subject to a 20% customization fee.

A: Perimeter of Waist : Measure your perimeter at the point where you wear your pants.

B. Out-seam: Measure the total length from waistline including the belt to hem, wearing the right shoes.

C. Inseam: Measure the total length of the inseam from crotch to hem. 

Man measure pants 

How To Find Your Vest Size 

Using a soft measuring tape measure the perimeter of your chest and waist at the point of belly button. We will also need your height.

Find your correct size in the chart bellow: 

* Your vest will need to be customized in the case of measurement deviation related to the size chart.

** Our standard sizes fit well height 1.78m - 1.88m (5"10' - 6′2″). In case you are smaller or taller, our vest needs to be customized. 

*** The customization fee is 20% of the original price. Please note that customized vest is non-returnable.

 Man measure vest