Tango Clothes by conDiva Tango Clothes by conDiva

conDiva and conSignore Clothing Brands

conDiva & conSignore collections are designed by Victoria Haitoglou. Victoria draws her inspiration from the vibrant rhythms of tango and creates designs that give dancers an air of confidence and sensuality. All garments are made from the finest materials and handcrafted with attention to detail by conDiva’s seamstresses.

Recently conDiva intorduced the Timeless Wear Line for women, which presents collections of evening dresses and every day clothes. Each piece is carefully designed and produced to outline your personality and individuality, because we know what a woman may want and needs!

We are committed to producing high-quality products that embrace the individuality and outlines your uniqueness!


Not sure what is the right size for you? Use our chart below and find what size you should get. If you need additional assistance free feel to contact us directly.

In the case of measurement deviation related to the size chart, send us your exact measurements to advise you which size to select or recommend a custom fit if needed. You can email us at hello@condiva.com. 

There is a 20% customization fee on top of the item's initial price for garment customizing to your exact measurements. 
Please note that after any customization
, the item becomes non-returnable. 

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