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The truth behind the magic of Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt with a straight narrow cut. Usually, the hem falls to or just below the knee and is tailored for a close fit. First pencil skirts were presented in Christian Dior collection in 1954. This type of skirt impacts the lady’s movement and posture. It demands smaller steps, more graceful entering and leaving a car, and of course, the sitting posture becomes more sophisticated due to tight fit. 😊

The pencils skirts quickly became popular due to feminine appearance and emphasize hips rather than on a waist. Within a couple of years “H-Lined” skirts became popular office wear and not only. Nowadays, disregarding all-new designs pencil skirts are winners and considered as an elegant classic which you must have.

conDiva team knows everything about the lady’s appearance requests and tries to satisfy them all. That is why we have our own collection of pencil skirts, which can be worn to a dance floor or an office.  We have a selection of monochrome stretch skirts with back and side slits, velvet skirts and of course some skirts with prints and intriguing designs.

We have collected all our amazing pencil skirts in one place and you can check them by following this link: Pencil Skirts Collection.

Metallic Pencil Skirt

Black Striped Pencil Skirt

Velvet Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt with Back Slit

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