Dark red milonga dress with lace.

sexy milonga dress in dark red

Whether you are looking for a tango dress for your next milonga, or a sexy yet elegant design for a night out with your friends, we have the perfect suggestion for you!

Lace is always a good idea for chic looks and that is why we love this piece. Defined by its sheer lace back and sides; this dress is made to impress. Its simple silhouette makes it very comfortable for endless hours of dancing and having fun. The lace sides are sculpting your curves while defining your assets in a slimming way. They are also lined with beige jersey for coverage. The back of this dress features a triangle godet that adds space for movement along with the right leg slit.

Now available in many colors - black, burgundy and dark blue. 

Shop here your favorite color >>> Tango dress with lace back.

tango dress with lace in dark red


tango dress with lace in dark blue



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