If you are one of the people who believe that close-fitted dresses and skirts are not a good idea for argentine tango dancing, let us tell you here that the new body-hugging styles are a game changer!

According to the new trend that comes straight from Argentina, your outfits should closely hug your curves while showing off all your feminine assets. Airy skirts, and voluminous movements belong to the past, from now on you will see this pencil-type-of-outfit dominate on the dance floors.

The secret to master these outfits, is to find styles that are very elastic and have small slits or tails. Pick designs that emphasize on your curves, accentuate your waistline and make your legs look irresistibly sexy!

With all that being said, we took a leap of faith and we crafted a big array of bodycon style dance dresses and pencil skirts. Although, the silhouettes got tighter, we maintained basic tango elements such as bright colors, lace details, unique pattern combinations and of course comfy & stretchy materials that create small tails and ruffles.


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