Black milonga dress with lace bust

Sometimes a simple design is the way to go, when looking for a balanced outfit.
Undoubtedly, a black dress is always an elegant option suitable for all occasions whether you are attending a Milonga, or going out with friends.

You can change the tone of the dress by wearing it with matching or neutral color shoes for a more "quiet" look, or by pairing it with colorful heels and accessories for a more eccentric style.

This design is so comfortable as it's made from soft jersey, and has an asymmetric skirt that flows beautifully with your leg movements. The whole outfit is defined by its elegant lace bust, that in combination with the open back, beautifully frames the sexy shoulders of the Tanguera who wears it, without being too revealing!

Stephanie sent us this beautiful photo from a recent Milonga she attended wearing her conDiva dress!

You can shop this black tango dress online:

black tango dress with lace


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